Acupuncture clinical trials exceed 9,000

The number of clinical trials investigating acupuncture’s effectiveness and efficacy have now surpassed 9,000 in the Cochrane Register of Clinical Trials. This compares favourably with the number of trials for other Allied Health professions such as physiotherapy and chiropractic, but is unsurprisingly exceeded by nursing research. There are also now 115 Cochrane systematic reviews which … Continue reading


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How important is SP 4 (Gongsun) in gynaecology?

Some modern Western authors place a lot of importance on SP 4 in the acupuncture treatment of gynaecological conditions, but this does not appear to be the case in modern Chinese acupuncture texts. The rationale often cited by western authors is SP 4 must be an important point in gynaecology because it is the Confluent (Key) point of Chongmai (Penetrating Vessel). However, this is not reflected in the historical use of SP 4. In the Acupuncture Classic Pointing South (Zhen Jing Zhi Nan) Dou Hanqing first associates SP 4 with Chongmai and recommends SP 4 and PC 6 for diseases of Heart, chest and Stomach. When we look at a consensus of modern authors on the indications for SP 4 we note that there are several strong indications for gastrointestinal signs and symptoms but that gynaecological indications are very sparse. This table of indications for SP 4 is taken from Acupuncture Point Dynamics which is available from Blurb books.

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