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Thanks to Phil Settels fro inviting me back again in 2019 to the American Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Science (ACCHS) in Oakland, California to lecture in the Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program.
Great to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones at Emperor’s College and Yosan University in Los Angeles.
In November at the World Congress of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century in Estoril, Portugal, John McDonald was Vice-President of the conference, an invited speaker and moderator for a panel discussion.

In August the major Systematic review of Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Conditions commissioned by the Accident Compensation Corporation was launched at the Annual Conference of Acupuncture New Zealand in Auckland. As a member of the Acupuncture Expert Referene Group for the two years of this project it was an honour to be invited to the launch in Welllington.

This year the Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference was held in Melbourne. I have long admired the work of British acupuncturist Charlie Buck, and finally I got to meet him in person. Charlie has a phenomenally sharp mind and a great sense of humour.


Distinguished Professor, Charlie Xue is currently Chair of the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia and Head of Health Sciences at RMIT University. Professor Xue was my external PhD supervisor and we tend to see each other mainly at conferences all over the world.



In November 2018 John was an invited speaker at World Acupuncture Day in Paris which was sponsored by UNESCO and the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies




Following World Acupuncture Day, John was again an invited speaker at the World Scientific and Cultural Dialogue on Acupuncture was held, also in Paris, at the City of Science and Industry.




In July John presented a workshop in Auckland, co-sponsored by Acupuncture Now Foundation New Zealand and Neuromagnetics.

ANFNZ seminar July 2018

In April 2018 John McDonald was keynote speaker for the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture Annual Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri.

IMG_7886NOZX9032IMG_1044With Marilyn Allen, editor of Acupuncture Today

IMG_1034With research colleague Associate Professor Brenda Golianu, a paediatric anaesthesologist and Director of Medical Acupuncture at Stanford University Childrens’ Hospital

With David Miller at AAMA concrence in Kansas City April 2018With David Miller, President of American Society of Acupuncturists and Co-Chair of the AAMA Symposium

Lecturing for the Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine programme at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, California in April 2018 (with Misha Cohen, Jennifer Williams and Phil Settels).


Keynote Speaker for Acupuncture New Zealand Conference in Wellington, New Zealand, August 2017


ANFNZ teamWith the founding members of Acupuncture Now Foundation, New Zealand, Paddy McBride, Suzanne Tapper, Trudi Collins and Amanda TeagleIMG_7664Catching up with alumni of New South wales College of Natural Therapies: James McNeill, Shelley Hickson, Tracey Walker and Heiko LadeIMG_7657The conference venue in Wellington, Te Wharewaka O Poneke

IMG_7632Catching up with old friend Su Zhihong, the best English-Chinese translator for Traditional Chinese Medicine that Beijing ever had.

With Judy James (editor) and Stephen Janz (Project director and co-author) celebrating the publication of the Acupuncture Evidence Project at Southbank, Brisbane

MoU between ANF and AACMA (2)

John McDonald and Prof Hong Xu, President of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd celebrate the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between AACMA and the Acupuncture Now Foundation at Brisbane AACMAC, May 2017

A timeline of experiences in acupuncture from 1975 to 2015

drug dependency service narcotic withdrawal 1

Narcotic withdrawal programme at New South Wales Health Commission’s Drug Dependency Service in Sydney 1975 [staff member posed for the photograph]


Bill schwebel & John McDonald at WASA conference in Argentina, 1976

1976: Mar del Plata, Argentina – World Academic Society of Acupuncturists conference – with Bill Schwebel

osaka castle

Osaka Castle during 5th World Acupuncture Congress, Tokyo, 1977


manila 1

Australians at World Medical Acupuncture Congress, Manila, Phillipines, 1977: John McDonald, Colin Young, unknown, Lou-Nell Cameron, Dean Rainer


van buren bachelor graduation

Graduation from Bachelor of Acupuncture, 1978: John McDonald with Susan Dunphy


lou baiceng at zhejiang research institute 1

At Zhejiang Provincial TCM Research Institute, Hangzhou, with Prof Lou Baiceng, 1984


West Lake, Hangzhou

West Lake, Hangzhou, 1984


Prof Lou Baiceng needling John McDonald in Sydney 1985

1985: New South Wales College of Natural Therapies, Glebe, Sydney: Prof Lou Baiceng demonstrates an acupuncture technique on John McDonald, Dean of Traditional Chinese Medicine

lou baiceng at koala sanctuary with wombat

Prof Lou Baiceng meets a wombat in Sydney 1985. Elden McDOnald, Prof Lou Baiceng, Chen Pi, Hugh McDonald, wombat, staff member of Pennant Hills Koala Sancturay


nsw college 1

John McDonald, Dean of Traditional Chinese Medicine at New South Wales College of Natural Therapies (1983-1987)


Chen Youbang, John McDonald & Hon Gough Whitlam (seated) and Arseny Ivanoff, Russell Jewell & Hoc Ku Huynh standing

Banquet for TCM Delegation from Beijing, Chinatown, Sydney, 1987. (seated) Deng Laingyue, Chen Youbang, John McDonald, former Prime Minister of Australia, Hon Gough Whitlam;(standing) Arseny Ivanoff, Russell Jewell (my first acupuncture teacher) & Hoc Ku Huynh


John McDonald itnroducing Hon Gough Whitlam Chinatown Sydney 1987

John McDonald, Chairman of the TCM Delegation Sponsorship Committee welcomes guests at the welcome banquet. Chen Youbang, John McDonald, Su Zhihong & Hon Gough Whitlam


TCM delegation 1987 in NSW Health Minister's office

In the office of NSW Health Minister, Peter Anderson during TCM delagtion visit 1987. John McDonald, Deng Liangyue, Chen Youbang, Peter Andeson, Prof Wang Dai, Robert Zindler, Zhang Kai, Su Zhihong, Hoc Ku Huynh


tcm delegation at chinese embassy canberra 1

TCM delegation outside the Chinese Embassy in Canberra during 1987 visit. Zhang Kai, Kevin Jeynes, Deng Liangyue, Keith Jenvey, Chinese ambassador, Chen Youbang, John McDonald, Prof Wang Dai, Su Zhihong


wang dai at koala sanctuary

Prof Wang Dai, Deputy Principal of Beijing Acupuncture College, Sydney 1987, with Elden McDonald, John McDonald and Hugh McDonald


Hu Ximing, John McDonald & Hoc Ku Huynh at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing 1987

1987 during the inaugural World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies conference in Beijing. The Great Hall of the People : Director of State Administration of TCM, Dr Hu Ximing, John McDonald and Hoc Ku Huynh


john mcdonald on great wall during wfas 1

John McDonald atop the Great Wall at Badaling during WFAS conference 1987


john mcdonald at tian an menl during wfas 1

John McDonald in the snow in Tiananmen square during WFAS conference 1987


Prof Lou Baiceng at home in Hangzhou with Lou's son and John McDonald, 1987

At Prof Lou’s home in Hangzhou 1987 – Dr Lou junior, John McDonald, Prof Lou Baiceng & Hoc Ku Huynh


red cross hospital 1

With Dr Guo (second from left) at Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital, 1987


lake taupo panorama 1996

A panorama of Lake Taupo, New Zealand, 1996 – the best view from a window while lecturing I have ever seen


american college san francisco

Guest lecturing at the North American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, 1996


balbao park, san diego

Balboa Park, San Diego, 1996 (while guest lecturing at Pacific College)


los angeles

Los Angeles, 1996, while guest lecturing at Emperor’s College and Yosan University in Los Angeles and South Baylo University at Anaheim


Joel Penner & John McDonald

Co-authors Joel Penner & John McDonald with the newly published Zang Fu Syndromes 1998


Portuguese edition of Zang Fu Syndromes published in Brazil

Editora Roca, Brazil published a Portuguese translation of Zang Fu Syndromes


hong kong workshop 2001

Lecture/workshop in Hong Kong 2001 with Troy Singh (in dark blue on my right)


big ben 2001

Book promotion and lecture tour 2001 at London College of Traditional Acupuncture and colleges and book suppliers at Camden and Covent Garden in London, Royal Leamington Spa, East Grinstead and Oxford.


adelaide 2003

Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia, 2003 as part of a lecture tour of Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane


John & Annabelle McDonald with Hoc Ku Huynh

John and Annabelle McDonald with Hoc Ku Huynh at the Gold Coast WFAS World Conference 2004


DAvid Freeland, John McDonald and Sue Cochrane at Gold Coast WFAS conference 2004

David Freeland, John McDonald & Sue Cochrane at Gold Coast WFAS World Conference 2004

WHO Point Location Stanards Meeting, Tsukuba, 2006

2006 Tsukuba Meeting of the WHO Western Pacific Region Point Locations Standard process


John McDonald speaking at Tsukuba WHO Point Location Standards Meeting, 2006

John McDonald speaking at the WHO Tsukuba Meeting, 2006



John McDonald speaking at the WHO Tsukuba Meeting, 2006


Graduation studio solo

Graduated as Master of Acupuncture With Distinction at University of Western Sydney (now Western Sydney University), Sydney, 2007


Sydney 2008 WHO point launch group

Launch of the WHO Western Pacific Region Standard Point Locations at Sydney AACMAC (Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference) 2008


NZRA conference 2008 Wellington

At New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Annual Conference in Wellington, New Zealand in 2008: Debra Betts, Judy James, Matt Callison, John McDonald and Debra Katz


Charlie Xue, Brenda Golianu & John McDonald at San Francisco WFAS 2010

Prof Charlie Xue (RMIT), A/Prof Brenda Golianu (Stanford) and John McDonald (Griffith) at San Francisco WFAS 2010


Claudia Witt, Charlie Xue & John McDonald

Dr Claudia Witt, Prof Charlie Xue and John McDonald at San Francisco WFAS 2010


Brenda Golianu, John McDonald, Paddy McBride and Judy James at San Francisco WFAS 2010

Brenda Golianu, John McDonald, Paddy McBride (New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists President) and Judy James (CEO of Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association) at San Francisco WFAS 2010


Terje Alraek, John Adams, John McDonald, unknown & Hugh MacPherson at ISAMS conference Sydney 2012

Terije Alraek, Prof Jon Adams, John McDonald, Elizabeth Summers & Dr Hugh MacPherson at International Symposium on Acupuncture and Meridian Studies, Sydney, 2012


Reginaldo Filho, Hi-joon Park and John McDonald Sydney WFAS 2013

Reginaldo Filho (Brazil), Prof Hi-Joon Park (South Korea) & John McDonald at Sydney WFAS World Conference, 2013


Presenting at Sydney WFAS 2013 2

John McDonald presenting his team’s research at Sydney WFAS, 2013


John McDonald is awarded BEST Scientific/Research Paper at Melbourne AACMAC 2014

Prof Hong Xu and Dr Zhen Zheng present John McDonald with award for Best Scientific/Research paper at Melbourne AACMAC, 2014

Griffith Health Check Issue 45, 2015

Griffith University Health Check, reporting on the Best Scientific/Research paper award at Adelaide AACMAC, 2015


Prof Allan Cripps and Dr John McDonald at graduation

Prof Allan Cripps (Pro Vice-Chancellor – Health and Principal Supervisor) and Dr John McDonald at PhD graduation, 2015



Dr John McDonald at Harvard Medical School, Boston during Society for Acupuncture Research conference, October 2015


Brenda Golianu, Caroline Smith and John McDonald at SAR conference, Harvard

Half of our research team at SAR conference poster presentation, Harvard Medical School, 2015: A/Prof Brenda Golianu (Stanford), A/Prof Caroline Smith (Western Sydney) & Dr John McDonald (Griffith)


Acupuncture NOw Foundation execuive with Angelica Kokkalis and Brenda Golianu at Harvard Medical School

The Acupuncture Now Foundation Executive met face-to-face for the first time at SAR conference, Harvard Medical School, Boston, October 2015: Mel Hopper Koppelman (Executive Vice-President, ANF), Angelica Kokkalis (Han Foundation), Matthew Bauer (ANF President), John McDonald (ANF Vice-President) and Brenda Golianu (Stanford).